Planning Castello dei Pecorari floorplans

relaxation1The secret – or so they say – to a great hotel is the quality of the staff and the type of service they provide. But we think there are a couple of key stages prior to this essential step, and the first of those is in the planning of the operational “flow” of the hotel.
What we experience as customers is typically an emotional reaction to events – how we feel about our room; what reaction we get when we see the view from the bath or the feeling of tranquillity, style or atmosphere as we look around the hotel.

None of this can happen unless the people who have designed the hotel have thought about the customer experience from the beginning of the planning process. This means thinking about the flow of guests around the hotel, and just as importantly the route staff take as they go about their business. We want them enhance rather than detract from your enjoyment, and the best way to ensure this is to plan it from the very beginning of the project.
To make sure that our vision for the hotel is realised and to help you as our potential guest to form an emotional attachment to Castello dei Pecorari, we decided to employ one of Europe’s leading experts in Small Luxury Hotel design to advise us in this critical and preliminary stage.

Jane Goff Associates have a formidable reputation for identifying the smallest detail – those crucial little things that will make your enjoyment and experience of a hotel so memorable – and translating those into firm plans.

We invited Jane and her team out to Piobbico on a site visit to meet with our Project Manager and architect, Ingr. Antonio Marconi and to help her understand the magical feel of the Castle, its position, its views, the region and its potential.

As we work hard to pull all our ideas into detailed Plans, Jane Goff and her team will from an integral part of our project team and, judging by results so far, we are excited by what we hope to achieve.

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