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Castello dei Pecorari Entrance Hall

Castello dei Pecorari Entrance Hall

A key factor in hotel design is the operational flow of the hotel – how the passage of staff undertaking their work activities flows around the hotel, without becoming an imposition on the guests.

When designing a luxury or boutique hotel the key differentiator is really the staff – their training, their flexibility and their ability to always seem to know what you want one step ahead of you or to be around just when you are thinking of calling them! A key factor in this is how the hotel is designed to as a working building – how do the staff get about the hotel to undertake their work activities without imposing on the guests. Can the housemaids access cupboards full of linen or service rooms without endless trolleys in the the corridors? Can Food and Beverage staff  provide guests with what they need without having to walk though endless rooms and disturb other guests? Can the chef get his daily fresh supplies without every vegetable or haunch of venison having to be paraded through the hotel?

The interior design of the hotel – and in this case I am not yet talking about the fabrics and furnishings – is a specialist skills.We have employed Goff Associates – one of the world’s leading luxury hotel and spa designers to work with us from the outset. Given the state of the castle currently, we effectively have a blank canvas.

Jane Goff and her team have already made a couple of site visits, and as part of our submission for planning application they produced some sketches of what the Entrance Hall and a typical room would look like. These excellent drawings have helped us not only to visualise better the end result, but have also been instrumental in getting local support and backing for the project.

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